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Featured Services
Our goal is to meet the needs of our clients. Due to that we offer a wide range of services. There are times in life that are important to preserve for the future. Some examples might be weddings, graduations, birthday parties and family reunions. Our professionals will film these events and edit the footage to preserve the memories of a lifetime. Insurance companies and their customers can request our services in creating video documentation of the insured property should a claim be filed in the future. Law firms may request our staff videotape depositions or create video-based presentations for use in court. Video Pro can develop, plan, film and edit corporate training videos, media videos, etc.. In addition to these types of services we offer various types of training opportunities and we provide expert consultation services to our clients. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at anytime.


Live Productions
Whether your next event is in a hotel ballroom or a football stadium our mobile crews can cover it; from business meetings and stage productions to dance recitals and church productions. We can provide you with multiple camera coverage, on-site mixing, image magnification, and much more. Combine that with our editing and DVD duplication services and we have everything you need to turn your even into a professional, sellable product.

Training division
We at Video Pro Productions proudly provide ongoing training opportunities for those interested in the field of Video Production. We help serve our client by teaching them how to use Video Production equipment and how to edit digital video. We conduct several workshops annually including our Weekend Film Academies. This is the premiere all-inclusive two day film maker school. For more information about the weekend film academy please visit the website:

Consulting Services
Jeremy Jeffreys has years of experience teaching video production and broadcasting to students of all ages. He has designed and operated two of the most advanced live school news broadcasting studios in northern California. He has consulted other schools and school districts with the design, and implementation of video production and broadcasting studios. He is a published author and his expertise can help schools or businesses design facilities that will be both functional and cost effective. Jeremy also has several years of experience in designing, installing and utilizing CCTV video surveillance systems in a loss-prevention environment. These systems ranged in type from dome style PTZ cameras to fixed cameras both overt (visible) and covert (hidden). His experience can aid corporate clients and security conscious homeowners alike.With years of experience Video Production, school broadcasting, and video surveillance systems our staff can provide the guidance and technical expertise you need. Our consulting fee is $100 per hour not including travel fees (if necessary). Please contact us today to gain access to our professional expertise.

Wedding Videos
These days the average wedding can cost $10,000 to $40,000 or more. So often brides say that they put so much time and effort into planning their wedding and the day goes by so quickly, that they wish they could remember more of it. A wedding day can be a stressful one, with so much to organize and to do. Often couples can’t fully enjoy the excitement of the day as it actually happens. The wedding videos we create help our clients relive this exciting, wonderful day with none of the stress. At Video Pro Productions we offer several wedding videography packages to fit the needs of our clients. These packages range in price from $1,000 to $3,500. To find out more about our wedding packages and pricing please read our wedding price guide. [click here to see our wedding videography website]

Event Filming
There are times in life that are so precious and important that they should be recorded so the memories will truly last a lifetime. Graduations, the birth of a baby, family reunions, bar mitzvah and quincinera are just a few of those important events. Our professional videographers will come and capture these invaluable memories that you can then relive anytime. We all know just how fragile life is, and when we go a lifetime of memories go with us. In recent years family biographies have become very popular. Ultimately a family biography is a video record where family members talk about their lives and tell the stories that made them who they are. These videos become an invaluable lasting record of the ones we love for the ones we love, our family. If you would like our staff to film this or any other event we are happy to do so. Our standard set-up charge of $200 would apply as well as a rate of $25 per hour. Once filmed the footage can be digitized, edited, and authored onto a custom DVD for an additional charge.

Video Based Insurance Documentation
In this world of protecting our investments and preventing fraud, video based documenting can be an invaluable tool for both insurance companies and their customers alike. Our staff is trained to videotape and document the insured property in residential and commercial environments. Our standard set-up charge of $200 would apply as well as a rate of $25 per hour while filming. An edited version of the video will be supplied free of charge.

Legal Videos
In these days of mass media the delivery of content by these means has become increasingly important. Videotaped depositions and other types of evidentiary videos can be very impact full in court. Video Pro can record this at our clients’ request. Our standard set-up charge of $200 would apply as well as a rate of $25 per hour. Once filmed the footage can be digitized, edited, and authored onto a custom DVD for an additional charge.

Corporate Videos
Business clients may wish to create corporate training videos, media advertisements and the like. Our professional staff can do this. Our standard set-up charge of $200 would apply as well as a rate of $25 per hour. Once filmed the footage can be digitized, edited, and authored onto a custom DVD for an additional charge. Please contact us with the specifics of your project so we can give you a more precise quote based on your needs.

Digital Video Editing
Would you like us to edit the footage we filmed for you or do you have footage of your own that you need a professional to edit? We can do that. Our professional editors have years of experience in editing digital video. Whether it is a simple project with background music and text or one with complex special effects and chromakeying we can do the job. Our charge for DV editing is $25 per hour. Before starting a project we will meet with the client, discuss the project and determine exactly how long the project will take to edit. Please call us for more information or for a free quote.

DVD / BluRay Authoring
Our clients often want their videos saved onto a DVD that can be played in any DVD player. This is a great way to store and watch these important videos. At Video Pro Productions we offer both standard definition and high-definition (Blue-Ray) DVD authoring. The DVDs are created with custom DVD menus and custom printed labels. Our DVD authoring fee is $100 which includes one custom made DVD. Additional copies can be purchased for a cost of $25 each. Bulk DVD duplication services are available. Please contact us for more information.


Tape-2-Disc video digitizing/conversion services

Many people have old tapes sitting around the house that contain priceless family memories. These magnetic-based tapes can go bad, and become unreadable, in as few as ten years and many of these tape formats are difficult or imposible to view on today's televisions. One of the services that Video Pro Productions provides is digitizing and converting these old tapes and putting them onto DVD's or BluRay discs. Once on a disc they can be viewed from any DVD player or BluRay player (depending on the format chosen) and can last for decades or longer! Our  digitizing/conversion services are provided at a rate of $25/hour and $25 per disc.